Contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand Rains was founded in 2012 in Egå, Aahaus by Daniel Brix and Philip Lotko after studying together at Denmark's TEKO Design School. Embracing the rainy weather of their home, the design duo created Rains to elevate functional design and show that even in wet weather there’s an opportunity to display personal style. Firmly rooted in Danish tradition, Rains embodies Scandinavian minimalism, combining function and considered design to create timeless rainwear that is versatile, practical, and beautiful in its simplicity.

Their reinterpretation of the classic rain jacket pushes technological boundaries for waterproofness, with lightweight flexibility and ultrasonically bonded seams. Essential to Rains’ brand ethos is innovation of materials while maintaining environmentally responsible choices. The brand strives for reduction of environmental impact by ensuring longevity of their rainwear, preventing the overconsumption caused by inferior construction and materials. Rains also innovates to reject hormone-disruptive "forever chemicals" found in other waterproof materials, ensuring their products are safe to wear and non-harmful to the environment. With Rains, today’s global citizen can feel good and look good, even in the stormiest of weather.