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Rosa Mosa

Rosa Mosa stands for individualism, innovation and the highest level of craftsmanship. By sourcing primarily from local suppliers and artisans in Austria, each pair of Rosa Mosa shoes finds the perfect balance between craftsmanship and artistic thought.
Salzburg born Simone Springer and Yuji Mizobuchi from Kyoto are the designers behind the Rosa Mosa label. Simone graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and Yuji studied Buddhist philosophy in Kyoto. They met and began collaborating while studying footwear and accessory design at Cordwainers College in London. During this time, they created a collection of entirely handmade wood carved sandals that were shown at London Fashion Week. For this collection the couple were awarded the “Associate Membership of the Guild of Master Craftsmen” as well as the “Currier award for excellence in leather crafts.” After working with a bespoke shoe maker in Brighton they decided to relocate to Austria in 2001.