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Founded in 2014 by designer Daisuke Ishii, this premium Japanese sock brand was created with the mantra “If you find a small happiness in your daily life, your life will be enriched”. ROTOTO aims to make ultra-comfortable socks that bring everyday joy to you and your feet.

ROTOTO'S socks are made in Japan’s largest sock producing region, Nara Prefecture, and area that has been known for it’s quality textiles since around the 17th century, with the area beginning to focus on industrial sock production in 1910.

ROTOTO'S socks are made with an aim to preserve the tradition inherited from their ancestors, while also bringing a fresh point of very to their design. They use carefully selected yarns that are then combined to create new materials for their socks. The small-batch production uses carefully selected vintage knitting machines that involve a considerable amount of human input, and moves away from the modern automated knitting machines. This allows for the quality of the product to be put above all else.