TOAST began in 1997 with loungewear and nightwear, designed in a farmhouse in Wales. Inspired by the natural Welsh landscape, TOAST's collections reflect a sense of ease and a slower, more thoughtful way of life. Today, TOAST creates and curates simple, functional, beautiful clothing and homeware in modern, easy silhouettes and quality fabrics.

Elevating the work of artisans and often collaborating with makers from around the world to create original fabrics and handmade pieces, TOAST works with fair trade co-operatives and partners closely with their suppliers to sustain the profound and timeless skills of genuine craftspeople.

TOAST celebrates clothing as something that can be treasured to keep for years and pass on. Honoring the legacy of each garment, TOAST embraces the art of repair and values the visible recognition of the hands that craft each garment. Their richly textured and storied garments are truly special.