VETRA is a heritage French workwear brand, known for their quality construction, high-grade natural materials, and functional fit. Drawing its name from the workwear itself, VETRA is an abbreviation of Vetements de Travail. For a century, this family-operated business has proudly crafted high quality, resilient workwear by hand in France. Today, customers are drawn to VETRA’s brand authenticity and its made-in-France garments, as well as the iconic lifestyle it represents.

Founded in Paris in 1927, Edouard Beernes created VETRA in the heart of Paris, introducing a complete range of workwear garments. For decades, workers and craftsmen were proud to wear VETRA garments for their quality, comfort, and sturdiness - even including VETRA workwear in union bargaining negotiations! Having outfitted the French military and various French tradesmen, VETRA has a proud heritage of making functional and aesthetically pleasing clothing.

Staying true to their roots and willing to defend the French textile know-how and traditions, VETRA has committed itself to manufacturing 100% in France in its own factory. With complete control of the production, VETRA maintains their traditional and rugged construction techniques. From linen woven in Normandy to cotton from India, VETRA uses high-grade authentic workwear fabrics that live up to the French brand’s reputation.