Women Making Fashion History

Designer Ludovica Diligu launched her label Labo Art in 2006 in Milan. Growing up in a family of architects, Ludovica's Labo Art communicates simple architecture principles through lines, volumes and geometry, ultimately creating a sober and minimal aesthetic. Moving to Berlin, the undisputed centre of the latest European artistic trends, whilst remaining a staunch supporter of “made in Italy” production, has been the winning formula at the base of Ludovica’s success. 

We're featuring some of the talented female designers carried at gravitypope. For 26 years gravitypope has sold product designed by women with a strong identity and unique outlook on fashion. Today we interview Ludovica Diligu, designer and founder of Labo Art.

What was the inspiration for your Spring 17 collection?
A beautiful woman I met in the street in NY, wearing an African printed scarf
What is your favorite fabric to work with?
My favorite fabric to work with is the linen jersey for its amazing hand feel and its versatility
What is your favorite color?
The Navy Blue - Atlantic

Favorite piece available at gravitypope from your Spring collection?
My favorite piece of the SS 17 collection is the Giacca Ruth both in Bongo Print and Olive color


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