Designer Ludovica Diligu launched her label Labo Art in 2006 in Milan. Growing up in a family of architects, Ludovica's Labo Art communicates simple architecture principles through lines, volumes and geometry, ultimately creating a sober and minimal aesthetic. Moving to Berlin, the undisputed centre of the latest European artistic trends, whilst remaining a staunch supporter of “made in Italy” production, has been the winning formula at the base of Ludovica’s success.




Why did you start designing clothing?

I started by myself with a very small boutique in Milan, I was doing one of a kind pieces, it was a small laboratory where I was designing, sewing, printing any kind of fabric, material and item. It was all about creating. I didn't really plan to design clothes, but the laboratory started growing really fast.

How do you define quality?


Quality is research that never ends, it is the maniacale care of every single small detail, from the smallest button to the packaging.




"Fabrics are a big part of the quality that you perceive in a piece. While touching the fabrics I can already imagine the pieces they will develop."


What's your favourite part of the design process?

What I really like about designing starts from the very beginning of the whole process. I love to choose fabrics. Fabrics are a big part of the quality that you perceive in a piece. While touching the fabrics I can already imagine in what piece they will develop. And I have this thing for colors, I see them. The garment dyeing process is what makes every piece unique. I have a vision of a piece in a color when I see a small piece of fabric in white or canvas color, before it is colored.


What’s special about the production of your brand?

I believe that what makes Labo Art special is that I always try to make it as simple as possible. And I realize every time that to make a simple perfect t-shirt it is way more complex than to add details to it. To take away anything that isn’t necessary makes it what it is. I find it hard to make people understand that the simplest piece requires the most work. What I love most about our pieces is the garment-dyeing process, I love colors!




Who's your favourite author or musician?

I love the “poor art” of Kunellis, I love the dancer Pina Bausch, The movie maker Wim Wenders.


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I have a big family of four kids, I love sports, and I don’t actually have much time for myself. Mostly when I’m free I play tennis or am with the kids, during covid I started knitting and crochet. It has helped me to be focused and I also always need to move, or move my hand, or produce something. I am a very practical person. Let's see if there will be some crochet in the next collection? My work and my private life are bound together.


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