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Life in Clarks | Caroline & Bella


What are you working on today?

Caroline — It’s a work day at the store, but we're also preparing for a trip to Toronto for Bella to make some music.

Bella — I’m going to school.

How did you decide to open Walrus? What is the foundation of the space and what inspired you?

Caroline — My partner and I worked together, we love design and community. We wanted to create a space with small interesting contemporary designs and we had several friends who were designers. The foundation was built from a range of products at different price points, we also wanted to build a space with an inviting atmosphere rooted in community. All the items we carry peaked our curiosity and have tangible and tactile elements. We were inspired by all the small fun things we saw at a space like the MoMa gift shop.

Bella, what are some of your favourite things about Walrus?

I like all the jewellery, watches and accessories. My favourite is this Rainbow maker, it projects rainbows all over your room.

Bella can you tell us about your music? What inspired you to start singing?

Bella — My cousin was a singer, I was originally more shy to sing in front of people and would sing by myself, but I thought if he can do it so can I. One day my mom and brother came home and I sang for them, and they loved it. So I wrote a song everyday and then uploaded them to Soundcloud. I’ve always been into writing, and making journals, so I feel like it came natural. For inspiration, I love like, Frank Ocean, Jorjia Smith, and Drake.

Do you have any upcoming projects or shows? Where can people hear your music?

Bella —  I’m went to Toronto to work with Sideways Studios. We're making a video, an EP and a collaboration with some local producers. Then releasing the song on Apple music and Spotify.

In what ways do you see yourselves in each other?

Caroline —  She has a strong sense of self – She’s great at navigating drama. Something she’s had since she was young is she doesn’t care what other people think and is never a follower.

Bella — When we're all together for family dinners I see it, we roll our eyes and laugh at the same things. We have similar views and generally agree on things. We share a point of view for sure, like our life outputs, and she’s taught me to always say ‘yes’ to opportunities.

Caroline — We don’t shy away from things just because they're uncomfortable. At first, co-hosting Petchakucha, I was nervous to be in front of a crowd, similar to when Bella started singing, but it’s important to put ourselves out there and connect with our community.

Why did you choose to wear this pair today?

Caroline — Normally we would wear something a bit more conservative but it’s fun to have more of an unexpected shoe, it feels like a fun way to have a pop of something different.

Last words?

Caroline — Thank you, We’ve always loved gravitypope and it’s fun to be a part of this and to support independent businesses. We have each others backs.

Bella — Stay tuned for my new track coming out on Soundcloud!

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