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Keighty Gallagher

We've teamed up with On to share the stories of some of our favourite athletes, small business owners, artists and creatives in the community. First up, is Keighty Gallagher, who you may recognize as the founder of Tight Club, an inclusive, fun and functional take on the traditional fitness class. While this year has shifted her business model from in-studio to online, she hasn't let it slow her down. Somewhere between the running track, the snowboard hill and coaching a livestream work out, Keighty fills us in on what she's been up to and how she's maintained balance during this unstable year.

Tell us what a typical day looks like for you and how do you start your morning.

Wake up, stretch and do some breath work before writing my daily intentions and to-do list. Check in on the TCTV community to share the workout of the day. Breakfast and coffee with my parents before heading down to my lil home studio to program classes and clear emails. My sisters got me on a strict "no-sound" lockdown between 1-3pm while her nugget Louie naps so I usually head out for a bike ride or a dog walk. Back by 3 to film something movement oriented and a few times a week I'll head down to the track to help coach the team I grew up with. Sunset walk with my sister and then its dinner n down time.

Weekends are all for self-care. I’m sleeping in, doing yoga, crafts, outdoor stuff. Also... LOVE MY FACE ROUTINE!

Can you tell us about Tight Club and how it came to be?

I started Tight Club back in 2012 to help include those who never saw themselves in fitness establish their first relationship with movement and wellness. We'd meet up at Andy Livingston Park every Friday at noon and deliver these funny workouts that had different themes each week. One time it was Coachella themed. Another time it was Zombie themed. After a year of getting rained on, I moved into a coach house in Strathcona and turned my garage into a little studio where I developed our mat based workouts and ripped around town doing personal training. Opened a real-life big girl studio in 2015 and life got REALLY BIG... kind of too big for a while. And now I'm back on Vancouver Island having just launched our digital studio called TCTV! It's been a journey!

Which pair of On Running shoes are you wearing and what do you love about them?

I'm actually wearing a few right now. I've been taking the Cloudventure Waterproof's out on trail runs, dog walks (and feeling very stylish at the grocery store) here on the Island. These shoes are built like a rock. They can take it all, and my feet stay happy and dry. I've also been wearing the Cloud X's for my home workouts and really love how supported, balanced and stable I feel when I'm constantly changing direction in my HIIT classes.

Seeing as you are based in Courtenay right now, what are some places that inspire you there?

I've been making a lot of solo snowboarding trips up Mount Washington lately and find inspiration wherever I find happiness. In the parking lot at lunch time when I see people grilling up hot dogs in the snowbanks, waiting in line for the lift to open chatting to hungry powder heads, even getting stuck on a chair with some dude who seemed to think he wrote the book on cryptocurrency. I think I like people again. That wasn't the case in Vancouver.

In your opinion, how does fashion affect fitness? And how do you balance your personal style while spending a good amount of your day dedicated to fitness?

I think fashion and fitness walked into a bar and decided they needed to work together while flexing what they do best. I love mixing my comfy athletic pieces with non-technical pieces. Like a long line sports bra and baggy denim. Or biker shorts and a blazer. As easy as it is to continue on with your day wearing your yoga uniform, I've been jazzing up my little outings to Thrifty's or the dog food store with a colourful toque or a bright jacket.

What are your hopes for 2021? Both personally and what you'd like to see externally?

2020 felt like I was walking on thin ice, so this year I've made some big changes in the stability and safety department. I moved home to reconnect with my family and exist on lower vibrations. I'm gonna make it through this year and remember it as the year I chose to take a chance to focus on me, and come out of it with wisdom, clarity and a mountain bike in my possession. I hope people can see that a simpler slower life still brings joy :)

How has the pandemic changed your coaching and teaching styles?

I think for all studio coaches who were used to talking you through a workout, we were in for a big surprise! Now, if I'm going to "teach" a class, it means I'm going to DO the class, and you're going to be following along. This little change has made a huge difference in my life. I'm not only a lot stronger, more flexible, agile, and cardiovascularly fit, but my energy level is so much higher now that I'm movin n groovin on the daily. It has also meant that I'm so much more aware of the movement I'm leading and how certain exercises might be harder and less accessible to specific groups of people. The most fun part of all this learning has been figuring out how to keep that authentic connection we had as a community back when we had the studio. And with this new online platform, TCTV, I think we got it :)

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Can you share some of your favourite tunes to get you or your classes going?

Im in this funny place where I've been movin n' groovin to tunes you'd likely never hear in a gym...but its working for me. Heres a playlist I put together of all those funny songs on Spotify.

Do you have a personal mantra?

Lead with curiosity and kindness


Vancouver or LA? Vancouver.

Cardio or Weights? Weights!

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise

Ocean or Mountains? Ocean

Biking or Running? Biking

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