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Life in Clarks | Zachary Zimmermann


Where did the idea to open a sandwich shop come from?

From trips to New York. I would go visit friends and always thought their food scene had more passion and seemed more fun. I really like the whole counter service industry they had there and everyone loves a good sandwich. When I came back I couldn’t find a good roast beef here, so I just though, I have to be the one to do it. I always wanted to be my own boss and do something different and give Vancouver something they didn’t have. No one makes a sandwich like us.


What is the secret to making an amazing sandwich?

It’s the attention to detail. Do every ingredient well, but it’s really the sauce. A sandwich is only as good as its condiment. It also has a lot to do with eat-ability, and being considerate, paying attention to the bread to make sure everything doesn’t shoot out when you take a bite. It also has to look good. It’s really just the whole experience.

How has Say Hey contributed to the community in Chinatown.

More than anything, it’s a place that’s always inviting, for anyone. We try to keep it calm, I like the idea of a welcoming place. We embrace the flow of people and the diversity, Chinatown is a vibrant space and I love the people that live down here.

Clarks Original Wallabee - Ink Nubuck

We’ve seen your shop in the background of a couple movies, have you ever served a sandwich to a celebrity?

A handful actually. Parker Posey was out here filming for Lost In Space and we built a bond, she said it was her favorite sandwich spot. Also Court Street Grocery from New York mentioned us in their autobiography that was cool. Yea, and that guy from Arrow has come in a couple times.


Where did you go for sandwiches in the city before you opened your own shop?

La Grotta on Commerical Dr. Also, Nats New York Pizzeria, their cold chicken sandwich is a sandwich of sandwiches. Also their chicken parm is awesome.

We heard your making some big changes to Say Hey, can you tell us about this?

Yea, our friends from Winnow Coffee in Toronto are going to come and upgrade our coffee program. They are going to be taking over the front of the restaurant. It’s going to be a teamwork thing now, we have similar taste. I think it’s a missing piece to the puzzle, a stepping stone.



What Clarks are you wearing?

Wallabees in Camo

Why did you choose to wear this pair to wear today?

Because of Ghostface, just stylin. They are a classic.


Clarks Original - Desert Trek & Desert Boot


Last words?

Want to send some appreciation to Clarks and gravitypope. It’s all about the small business support groups.


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