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On Community Series - Tatenda Hatugari

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Tatenda Hatugari

Tatenda Hatugari is a Man of many passions, an active runner, a rising actor, a seasoned model and more recently an aspiring architect, just to name a few. We recently met with him to discuss his goals for 2021, what's on his running playlist and quickly discovered that there's no average day in the life of Tatenda Hatugari.

Walk us through an average day in your life.

Well, I like a cup of tea in the morning and then after that I try to avoid average days.

Can you tell us about your running practice, where do you like to run, and do you have any goals for the year?

Running helps keep my mind and body aligned. I try to do 2-3 runs a week.

Are there any essential items you include on your run? And do you ever run with music or podcasts, if so, do you have any recommendations?

Running depends on the weather - unless I've got specific training goals, though I still won't run in the rain! I’d like to be running sub 4-minute kilometres (over 10 kms distance) by the end of the summer, I’ll have to shave half a minute off my current splits, we’ll see! My favourite route is along the arbutus greenway, but I’ll occasionally run the pacific spirit trail.

I need music to run! I’ve got a go-to run playlist, its public on my Spotify. It has everything from Koffee to Velvet Underground to Danny Brown.

What ON shoes are you currently wearing and what do you like about them?

I love the Cloudventures I have on, they have great support and cushion through the arches and midfoot- and the soles shred frosty sidewalks! Waterproof runners are game changers!

We see you’ve been brushing up on your acting, can you tell us about some of the classes or exercises you’ve be involved in? And how has the format of these shifted during quarantine?

I’ve been working with a dope coach on really building solid foundations, I’m finding that the building blocks of this medium really lie in humanness. There’s a sincerity and fullness and beauty to being alive - as storytellers that’s the stuff we’re constantly chasing. The journey never ends.

Are there any recently completed or upcoming acting projects you’ve been excited about?

Yeah! It’s an exciting time. Find me on Instagram, things are constantly happening!

What other creative outlets or hobbies have you taken up in the past few months?

Earlier in quarantine I got into building butter board scale models from architectural plans that I found in a secondhand bookstore. I think it satisfies the part of my brain that enjoys solving puzzles. The logical problem solver in me haha.

Any last words or recent inspirations you would like to share?

Any last words?? Eeehhh, "explore the richness within.” Right now, we all feel stifled and restricted, but it could be a good time to discover and re-invent, I don’t know!

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