Twenty years of thoughtful luxury. Coclico speaks to a personal identity that extends beyond style to our way of living in the world. Consciously, artfully, elegantly. Coclico believes that luxury isn’t the ability to purchase endlessly, but the privilege of choosing wisely. Their materials are sourced locally in Europe, near their small, family-run factory in Spain. At their NYC headquarters, they not only work to underpin the design process behind each collection but also seek the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility. The result is a union of modern minimalism and traditional quality.

GP: When was the brand founded?

SC: 2000 in NYC, this is our 20 year anniversary! Gravitypope embraced us early on and it has been a long, happy relationship.


Coclico - Ellery

How do you define quality?

Quality, as it applies to objects, suggests to me something that's been conceived and made with the utmost care and that will maintain its beauty and usefulness for as long as it's loved.

"We consider thoughtful sourcing and ethical practices to be a prime responsibility."

Bedford Sandal

What is special about the production of your brand?

We're shoemakers first and foremost and we focus solely on that category at Coclico. While our designs are intended for modern creatives and minimalists, we approach our product in a very traditional way which is relatively uncommon these days. Part of what makes us stand apart is the breadth of our offerings combined with small-batch Spanish production. Each design and material is agonized over and finalized with the same amount of attention for a 20 pair run that would typically go into a style with a production run of hundreds-thousands of pairs. We're about as close to bespoke as a modern shoe company can be!

We also take a huge amount of care to tread lightly with our sourcing. Every leather and component is sourced responsibly and within reasonable proximity to our Spanish base. We agonize over our urge to design and to add beautiful objects to this already crowded world, so we consider thoughtful sourcing and ethical practices to be a prime responsibility.


Laeve Boot

Who is your favourite author or musician?

Prince! I like to shake loose and dance it out after a long week.


What do you like to do when you are not working?

I find the most personal joy in spending time with my family and close friends.


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