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Born in Brazil to Japanese parents, Chie Mihara studied fashion and accessories design in Japan and New York. After graduating from F.I.T. in New York, she did an internship at Eneslow, an orthopedic shoe store, and then worked at Sam & Libby as a shoe and bag designer. At 27, she moved to Spain where she worked for Charles Jourdan.

Chie launched her own line in Elda, Spain, in 2002 in order to offer women something different; footwear designed by woman for women, with a priority placed on design and comfort. Drawing on vintage influences ranging from 1930s femininity to 1980s humor, she began taking details from the past and reworking them to reflect contemporary aesthetics and modern fashion. Her distinctive footwear quickly gained a following devoted to Chie’s unique approach to comfort and style.
When was the brand founded?
Chie Mihara was founded in 2002

Why did you start designing footwear?
I always thought I had a story to tell. I knew I was unique. Having my own brand was just a natural course of action to me. I worked for a few companies in fashion and shoes but I think I wasn’t very good, because I needed more freedom to be a better designer. So that’s why I decided to start.

What is your favourite part of the design process?
The part where problems don’t exist! Hahahaha! When it’s still in my universe, when it’s not yet materialized. That’s the best!
How do you define quality?
Give my best, bring all components to a more elevated product. We, as spiritual beings are quality itself, so I try to give products that match that deserved level.

What is special about the production of your brand?
That everything is made here in Spain, in my husband’s brother’s factory. Where the history of making the best quality shoes such as Charles JOURDAN, Stephane Kelian were made for decades. There’s very few of these top factories left. Not even a handful.
Who is your favourite author or musician?
The philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. I read a lot of his books since before I started my brand and helped me be more understanding of the human mind and spirit. Helped me to help others.

What do you like to do when you are not working?
I’m always working! If not on the shoes, in my other projects, if not, on helping people...the only work I don’t do is cleaning the house, laundry or food shopping...I feel my time needs to be spent in more valuable things.

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