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Women's History Month | Featuring Coclico

Women Making Fashion History

Coclico meaning 'poppy' Flower in French is the creation of Sandra Canselier and Lisa Nading.  Sandra is a French expatriate living in San Francisco. A native of Brittany, France, Sandra’s family has been making shoes for three generations. It was only natural that the combination of her background and love for New York led her to start her own brand and open her first store in Nolita. Lisa Nading thoughtfully heads the design process and all shoes are crafted in Spain using sustainable practices. Coclico shoes pair style and quality with comfort for a beautiful, unique aesthetic.

In honor of Women's History Month we are featuring some of the talented female designers carried at gravitypope. For 26 years gravitypope has sold product designed by women with a strong identity and unique outlook on fashion. Today we interview Coclico's founder Sandra Canselier (pictured left) and her designer Lisa Nading.
If you weren't designing shoes, what would you be doing?

SANDRA: I genuinely ask myself everyday and haven't yet landed on the answer. Shoes are in my blood, my father and grandfather made shoes, and it came very naturally for me to follow in their footsteps.

LISA: I would move to Africa and learn from Jane Goodall how to teach people to save the wildlife.
Is there a particular woman in your life that has inspired you the most?

SANDRA: It would be impossible to pinpoint only one woman. I live in an all-women household and run an all-woman company. Men are great! But it would be fair to say I'm a girls girl and am at my best when I am part of a supportive community of like minded women. I'd give special mention to Lisa for being the yin to my yang at Coclico for all these years.
What was the inspiration for your Spring'17 collection?

LISA: This Isak Dinesen quote was the catalyst: "The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears and the sea." The ebb and flow of the waves, seeking balance, surf culture, and beach colours which all played a part in our inspiration.


What is your favourite colour?

SANDRA: White. I'm highly practical in most aspects of my life, but when it comes to colour I'm supremely impractical. It's my own little bit of rebellion. I love seeing white transform with use and I relish that dirty pair of white oxfords. The mess is irrefutable evidence that I've lived in them.
Three words to describe your everyday style.

SANDRA: No fuss, uniform and multi-purpose.
Any tips for aspiring designers?

SANDRA: You have to know your personal limits, but be able to adapt within those limits. Many designers are artists at heart and the realities of market demands can take a toll on creativity, ethics and confidence. It's important to find the sweet spot between what you want to make and what sells without losing your way.

LISA: Believe in your own vision, but also be able to let go sometimes. Stay curious. Keep asking questions. Focus. Put in the work. You will reward yourself.
What's your favourite Coclico piece at gravitypope?

SANDRA: ZEPHYRA . Its a perfect city sandal. Walkable heel, neutral without being boring. It's such a versatile shoe, worn at art openings with a sleek a-line dress and out running errands with rolled jeans. This is our 3rd summer running the ZEPHYRA  because it has that magic balance of being a standout design, but also somehow easy.​
LISA: I always prefer the cleanest styles. And as a designer I like the back story of a shoe. Though it is difficult to choose, I gravitate towards the TRIM. It seems quite simple but the solid wood, offset heel was a technical challenge. And the styling is elegant on a variety of body types. 

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